This poem was part of The New York Art Book Fair 2010 Artists and Activists section at MoMA PS1 with The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest and has appeared at Ether Books and Certain Circuits.

This card is available in two print styles and colors. The Two color schemes are ‘hothouse’ and ‘cool spring’ the pattern comes in three styles- a single flower, a single row of flowers, or a repetative print across the entire card. (the last two print styles appear on the front and back of the card. With all styles the accompanying envelope will have a flower prints) Please indicate color and style when ordering.

The poem inside reads:

for you women

sweet sweet women, with herbs
and baby lettuces in your gardens,
an offering of cucumber plants
and basil stalks, while outside
sirens blare. if the lettuces can hear,
they don’t seem to mind. the
cucumbers stay crisp and sweet.
come lay by the grasses, by the tree root
on your small patch of earth, come hear
the hum and buzz of life moving around us.

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