Art & Incarceration

Thursday, October 10, 2013, 6:00pm

Art & Incarceration curated by Aja Beech A Community Discussion on the Transformative Effects of Art on At-Risk and Incarcerated Populations Thursday, October 10th | 6pm-8pm FREE, advance registration required. Panelists State Senator Daylin Leach | Jane Golden, Executive Director of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program | El Sawyer, film director | Aja Beech, author Moderated by Tayyib Smith, Founder of Little Giant Creative In light of the school funding crisis and high level of incarceration rates in the Philadelphia area, the Art & Incarceration panel will speak about incorporating art education into their work with at-risk youth and current and former detention center inmates. The discussion will then open up to all participants to identify and encourage locating and participating in local artist organizations. This community conversation focuses on developing an uplifting and encouraging discussion on the importance of art and cultivating its integration into public life, its positive effects on depressed communities, and those at risk of imprisonment or imprisoned populations, those with limited educational resources, and the restorative justice effects of artistic works within public and private spaces. If you are looking for resources, have something to share about your experience, or are simply curious, please join us. 


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