Nearly a year ago I wrote this article about the Philadelphia DAs Office Budget, it ended in part with:

“Spending money to upgrade technological capabilities and fostering further cooperation with local legal organizations, like effectively processing DNA requests when outside agencies like The Pennsylvania Innocence Project offer to pay the expenses, could help and would be a sign to the mayor and City Council of the dire nature of the situation.”

Yesterday District Attorney R Seth Williams announced he would open a unit focusing solely on claims of innocence and that his office would be working with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project

I’m happy to advocate for people working together, opening up dialogues, and justice. I did something pretty small by writing the article but I think people who are organizers should be sure to point out the myriad of elements that led to a positive change.These things take time. When I wrote it there were people who told me I was nuts to think it would ever happen.

Working together should be a goal, seeing common ground instead of opposition should be a goal, for that to happen egos must be set aside, on all sides.