Lay then the axe to the root, and teach governments humanity.  It is their sanguinary punishments which corrupt mankind. In England,  the punishment in certain cases, is by hanging,  drawing , and quartering; the heart of the sufferer is cut out, and held up to the view  of the populace. In France, under the former government, punishment were no less barbarous. Who does not remember the execution of Damien, torn to pieces by horses? The effect of those cruel spectacles exhibited to the populace, is to destroy tenderness, or excite revenge; and by the base and false idea of governing men by terror, instead of reason, they become precedents. It is over the lowest class of mankind that government by terror is intended to operate, and it is on them that it operates to the worst effect. They have sense enough to feel they are the objects aimed at; and they inflict in their turn the examples of terror they have been instructed to practice.