Selections of recent writings

“It is estimated that up to 65 percent of those in prison in Philadelphia are awaiting trial and have not been convicted of any crime. Many of them simply cannot afford to pay their bail.”

– from Bail an injustice for Philadelphia’s poor

“The advertising itself is not the problem; content co-created by sponsors is. And which content is co-created is not exactly clear. Broadly supposedly wants to remain above advertising influence, while the site shows countless images of women rubbing Vaseline on their hands and wearing Degree deodorant on their smooth armpits — juxtaposed with articles about women’s bodies, including photos of blow-up dolls and advice on how to love your own vagina. (Because it is just assumed that all women don’t?) Nearly every other article is about some kind of eroticism that women need to know about — relationship advice with burritos (because, how funny — burritos), holding séances and how identifying as witches is helping trans people.

I mean, witches.

And of course horoscopes.”

– from Despite growth of women’s news sites, a void in women’s news