St Valentine

If you have ever heard, or read, a story about Saint Valentine, you would hear many things. That he is a composite of two or three men. All we know of one of those men is that he suffered, along with many others, in a part of Africa under Roman rule. The other two are said to be buried outside of Rome. What we know of all martyrs is that they all suffer greatly and die for their convictions. While there will always be questions, there are a few things about Saint Valentine, whether a composite or not, that are recorded.



To begin with, in the early 200s, Christianity is not exactly like it is now. Think more, communal love fest in the midst of war. Just a few hundred years after the death of Jesus and instead of his followers dwindling from twelve guys, it was growing and the Roman Government was having none of it. In fact Claudius Gothicus was having none of any of Rome’s nonsense anymore. The first soldier Emperor to rule the Roman Empire, he was ready to whip everybody back into shape and go on about their fighting to control as many areas of the world as possible.

vday4A lot of things have been said, that Claudius banned all marriages so that more men would go to war, that he banned only marriages within certain religious sects, that he was merely aiding Christians in some way, and / or that he was involved in religious conversions. It is the idea that Valentine betrayed the law for love that has grown over time. For breaking one or all of these laws Valentine was sentenced to be beaten to death and then his head removed.

The message Valentine sent, whether through marriages or by assisting others, the feast of Saint Valentine is intended to be an expression to our loved ones and to everyone, of our deepest devotions and convictions to them and the world around us.



card_177_valentine_010610-D619--front-for-webO Saint Valentine,

Lover of Christ and of the Church,

We ask your intercession that we may

Learn how to love God above all things.

To selflessly love one another.

O glorious Saint Valentine,

Pray for us that

We too may have the

Steadfast faith of martyrs.