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Latest poem up at Small Portions Journal

Source: Aja Beech :: Power Struggle




Spring­erle may be tra­di­tion­al Ger­man cook­ies, but a loc­al man­u­fac­turer made many molds for the cook­ies that are still used to this day. Read more at Star Community News



Rich Mur­ray re­turned from war more than four dec­ades ago, but nev­er re­ceived a prop­er “wel­come home,” but Hon­or Flight re­cently rec­ti­fied the over­sight.

The North Cath­ol­ic alum­nus is a vo­lun­teer for the non­profit or­gan­iz­a­tion that holds events to hon­or Amer­ic­an’s vet­er­ans.

The Sug­ar­House Casino sponsored a tour for Vi­et­nam vet­er­ans this past Sat­urday that con­cluded with a “wel­come back” ceremony in Fishtown.


Read more at Star Community News



It’s that time of year! Preparing for holiday and acknowledgement season. If you own a business or run a non-profit now is the time to get ready to send out those letters thanking everyone for their support in the past year. These kinds of letters can encourage continued support in the year to come. If you need assistance creating and sending these cards and notes I can help. You can contact me here and we can discuss my fees for creating and sending your holiday and acknowledgement materials. There are no consultation fees and I can perform this work remotely, or we can have a meeting to discuss your options in person in the Philadelphia area. Start now and beat the rush of the next few months!

From my poem “Borders” featured poem of the week at The Five-Two: Poems on Crime

The yelling in the distance calmed to a voiceless hum

and then into silence.

All light was gone but for the stars
He peered into the darkness

and whispered “Mami, aqui.”
Check out the entire piece here: