Administrative Professional / Virtual Assistant


About You:

In need of a freelance administrative professional for a small business or contracting freelance administrative services for larger businesses.


About Me:

Close to ten years of experience in administrative work such as drafting and editing written content, data entry, and customer service. Based in Philadelphia, PA.


Not everyone needs a weekly administrative assistant, but many people running businesses today, large or small, have the need for an occasional administrative professional or secretary to assist in reaching particular goals. If that is your need, then you might want to contact me for a quote.

I have experience in home based freelance administration. At my home office I can complete simple tasks like scanning important documents to help build your electronic files, complete data entry tasks, facilitate customer service needs via email or phone, and scheduling meetings and appointments. I also have extensive experience in press releases, public relations, marketing, grant research, and grant writing.


My fee:

Varies depending on the project, contact me for a rate quote, a brief consultation will not cost you anything.